• Smallest DALI module directly powered by 100-240VAC
• 2 DALI-BUSES, driving capability up to 15 DALI members each.
• Smallest power consumption 2 Watts max.
• Simply operate with CASAMBI.

The DALI module LIGA.AIR.DALI.1T.PIC.240 is directly controlled by the CASAMBI app.
The module is directly connected to 100-240VAC line voltage.
It contains 2 separate DALI networks, which can be loaded with up to 30mA or up to 15 DALI-members each.
The module is encapsulated in a gray housing with the dimensions (T x B x H) 80 x 27 x 21mm.
The extremely compact housing design allows e.g. easy installation in a cable duct.

Wiring Diagram