The universal dimmer is suitable for the reliable operation of high-voltage lamps, magnetic transformers, electronic transformers, ESL and retrofit LED lamps. Two separate dimmer outputs are available, each of which can be loaded with 700 W. If the outputs are wired in parallel and configured accordingly, the dimmer can be loaded with 1 x 1400 W. Each channel can be configured separately to the load type in question (phase cut-on or phase cut-off mode). The dimmer independently checks the connected load the first time the operating voltage is applied by performing a quick test to determine whether the connected load can be operated with the desired settings. The dimmer operates with an internal dimming resolution of 16 bits and therefore meets the very highest demands. It also suppresses ripple control signals and mains interference. The default factory settings such as dimming curves, minimum and maximum limits can be changed and optimised by the user. For ISYGLT users, functions can be configured in the program designer as usual. For DALI or standalone use, a free software tool is available. With this software, the parameters can be optimised and internal data such as temperature, voltage, peak current and output can be displayed via a USB or RS-485 data connection with the dimmer. A new feature is the integrated oscilloscope function. This provides the user with a tool for displaying the current load without needing to take dangerous measurements at the mains voltage. Thanks to this feature, unknown lamps such as new retrofit lamps can be checked without the need for additional measuring equipment. All you need is the connected UD-700-X2-DALI dimmer, a USB cable (USB type A to micro B m/m) and our free software.

Wiring diagram