• First CASAMBI vibration sensor on the market.
• Sensitivity adjustable, recognizes smallest movements.
• Simply operates with CASAMBI.
• Battery operated, autonomous applicable to all types of installation.

The LIGA.AIR.SV.BAT is a battery powered CASAMBI vibration sensor.
At the highest sensitivity setting, the integrated vibration sensor recognizes smallest movements or sound noises in solids, such as tapping or knocking on the mounted surface.
With this vibration sensor, it is possible to automatically switch light sources, a group, entire light scenarios, animations or complete CASAMBI networks through movements or body sound noises.
Recognized movements and vibrations are briefly displayed with an internal red indicator LED.
The decoupling button is used for easy integration into the CASAMBI network.
In conjunction with CASAMBI , this vibration sensor can contribute to the safety of a system.
As CASAMBI Ready product, it is directly integrated into the complete CASAMBI system. All configurations and maturities are set practically and quickly with the CASAMBI app.
The battery operation allows autonomous use on all mounting locations.

W = white
S = black

Wiring diagram