• Compact DIN rail module with 4 DALI networks and 4 push button inputs
• Up to a total of 100 DALI members (25 members per DALI network)
• Compatible with DIN rail supports according to EN 50022.
• Simply operates with CASAMBI.

The DALI DIN-rail module LIGA.AIR.4.DALI.4.T.240 is supplied with 100-240VAC and controlled with the CASAMBI app.
The module contains 4 powered DALI networks (DALI 1 - DALI 4), each of which can be loaded up to a maximum of 50mA, which corresponds to a capacity of approx. 25 DALI members.
The module also has a galvanically isolated button input per DALI network.
The functions of the 4 button inputs can be freely programmed in the CASAMBI APP.
The module is built into an ABS DIN housing for mounting on top hat rails according to EN50022.
This in the color RAL7035 and the width D6 with the dimensions 106.5 x 90.5 x 62mm.

Wiring Diagram