• Smallest I/O module directly powered by 100VAC to 240VAC with 4 inputs and 8 outputs.
• Low power consumption, 0.2 Watt.
• Simply operates with CASAMBI.

The I/O module LIGA.AIR.4IN.8OUT.240 is controlled with the CASAMBI app. It is directly connected to 230VAC and has 4 insulated inputs for pushbuttons with dry contacts and 8 digital outputs for 48VDC and a total, fused current of 400mA.
Each output is protected by a diode for the operation of inductive loads such as DC-relays etc.
For this operation, the common diodes cathodes (COM DK) need to be connected to the power source of the relays. (Shown below in the circuit examples: Connection from positive pole of U2 to COM DK.)
When using multiple power supplies, the supply connected to COM DK must have the highest voltage of all, or a discharge through the internal diodes will happen and may damage the module.
The entire module is encapsulated in a black ABS housing and has the dimensions of 38 x 38 x 27mm.
The compact housing design allows a simple installation in flush-mounted boxes or in a cable duct.

Wiring diagram