• Solar powered autonomous CASAMBI repeater module.
• Increase Bluetooth range outdoors.
• Weatherproof device that is easy to install.
• Simply operates with CASAMBI.

The solar repeater system LIGA.AIR.REP.SOL can be mounted outside directly on facades or masts and feeds itself autonomously and free of charge with solar energy and allows a problem-free extension of the range of the Bluetooth signal.
The basic system includes a solar panel with integrated charge controller and mounting device and a weatherproof repeater antenna with 1m cable that can be positioned as desired. This antenna can be screwed directly onto a surface (facade etc.) or clamped to a pole with a bracket. The basic system can be extended by an additional repeater antenna.
The waterproof M8 connector system allows separate mounting of solar panel and antenna. Thus, the most favorable conditions can be created for both components, such as location of optimal solar radiation for the solar panel and direction of the Bluetooth signal for the antenna. The antenna can optionally be placed further away from the solar panel with M8 extensions (max. 5m).
The battery built into the charge controller serves as energy storage and ensures the power supply of the repeater even at night or in cloudy weather.

Wiring Diagram