First CASAMBI magnetic switch.
• Touch-less and wear-free switching.
• Simply operates with CASAMBI.
• Battery operated, autonomous applicable to all types of installation.

The LIGA.AIR.SM.BAT is a battery operated CASAMBI magnetic switch.
The internal magnetic sensor detects an external permanent magnet without contact and wear-free up to a few millimeters and sends the corresponding switching signal.
With this magnetic switch it is possible to set a light source, a group, whole light scenarios, animations or complete CASAMBI networks by the measured position of the object e.g. To switch «open» or «closed» automatically.
The measured position is briefly displayed with internal indicator LEDs (green = closed, red = open).
The reset button is used for easy integration into the CASAMBI network.
In conjunction with CASAMBI, this magnetic switch contributes to significant savings in energy consumption. The light or other consumers are only switched on when they are needed. For example, it can also reliably and safely control motorized curtains depending on the window position and other applications can be implemented in offices, industry, retail, hospitality and home.
As a CASAMBI Ready product, it is directly integrated into the complete Casambi system. All configurations and run times can be set quickly and easily with the CASAMBI app.
The battery operation allows autonomous use at all assembly locations.

W = white
S = black

Wiring diagram
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