• Smallest CASAMBI motion detector.
• Smallest power consumption
• Simply operates with CASAMBI.
• Battery operated, autonomous applicable to all types of installation.

The LIGA.AIR.SP.BAT is a battery operated CASAMBI motion detector with a PIR and a light sensor for motion detection. With these sensors it is possible to automatically switch a light source, a group, entire light scenarios, animations or complete CASAMBI networks by measured movement and/or freely selectable Lux values.
A Daylight Harvesting is completely implemented at different light levels during the day and synchronous control of the lights. In conjunction with CASAMBI, this motion sensor helps to make significant energy savings by only turning on the light when needed. Follow-Me, Swarm-Control and active / standby solutions can also be implemented for applications in offices, industry, retail, hospitality and home.
As a CASAMBI Ready product, it is integrated directly into the complete CASAMBI system. All configurations and runtimes are practically and quickly set with the CASAMBI App.
The battery operation allows autonomous use at all assembly sites. The battery compartment is connected to the motion detector with a connector, so battery compartments with larger capacity can be easily connect.

W = white
S = black
AE = anodised aluminium

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