• CASAMBI  adapter with 4 button inputs for the DIN universal dimmer UD-700-X2-DALI-C
• 2 universal dimming channels with 700W each, for flicker-free dimming of LED lamps.
• Automatic detection of the load and oscilloscope function
• Compact total dimensions for mounting the DIN rails in the distance 125mm.
• Just put into operation by CASAMBI.

The CASAMBI adapter LIGA.AIR.UD-700-C is simply plugged into the DIN Universal Dimmer UD-700-X2-DALI-C.
This allows the dimming of the 2 universal channels with 700W each with the CASAMBI app.
The module includes a detachable terminal block for 4 dry contact push buttons (T1-T4).
The functions of the push buttons are freely programmable in the CASAMBI app.
The module is potted in a compact housing. The overall dimensions of the Universal Dimmer with the plugged in CASAMBI adapter allows the mounting of DIN rails at 125mm.

Wiring diagram